Most people today are pre-qualified because it helps them to negotiate better terms on their home purchase. You can easily request to pre-qualify with a personal meeting with one of our loan professionals to discuss your personal financial situation. Being pre-qualified is a smart place to start because it lets prospective sellers know you have taken appropriate steps to possibly buy their home.


Park Shore Mortgage Corp will ask you many questions to determine the best type of mortgage financing for you and your specific needs. We determine, based on your financial position, the amount of mortgage you qualify for. We also take into consideration the term of the loan, the interest rates available, and your unique financial situation.


We can provide you with a pre-qualified letter specifically for the property you are looking at. During the processing of your transaction, we will also assign a Senior Loan processor to your transaction. Your processor or loan officer will both be available to answer any questions throughout the loan approval process.


You can start the process right now by calling 239.948.9400 and we can take your application by phone or schedule an appointment.

Let’s start the process

What happens after I fill out the paperwork?


We will send you updates of your loan telling you what is still needed to get your loan approved. We believe the better informed you are the easier it is for you when you commit to this important decision.


Once your loan has been approved, we will contact you to go over the approval and any stipulations the lender may request. Then we will contact the listing agent, selling agent, and the closing agent to coordinate the closing date.



The Loan Estimate

The Loan Estimate form tells you important details about the loan you have requested. The lender must provide you a Loan Estimate form within three business days of receiving your application.

The Loan Estimate form also gives you information about the estimated costs of taxes and insurance, and how the interest rate and payments may change in the future.


In addition, the estimate form indicates if the loan has special features that you will want to be aware of, like penalties for paying off the loan early (a prepayment penalty) or increases to the mortgage loan balance even if payments are made on time (negative amortization).

If your loan has a negative amortization feature, it appears in the description of the loan product.


The estimate form uses clear language and design to help you better understand the terms of the mortgage loan you’ve applied for.


All lenders are required to use the same standard Loan Estimate form. This makes it easier for you to compare mortgage loans so that you can choose the one that is right for you.


When you receive a Loan Estimate form, the lender has not yet approved or denied your loan application. The Loan Estimate form shows you what loan terms the lender expects to offer if you decide to move forward. If you decide to move forward, the lender will ask you for additional financial information.

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